Self-Service Legal
Intake Software Solutions

Streamline AI acts as the Front Door for legal teams, helping you organize and view requests from Slack, email, Salesforce, and other channels in a centralized repository.

An intake or ticketing system is a single pane of glass to enable you to manage all the requests and questions from your business stakeholders. It enables you to capture all historical context, approvals, and related documents, so you can provide a higher-quality and faster response.

Minimize Change Management

Streamline AI minimizes change management by allowing requests to be submitted via email, Slack, Salesforce, or the Streamline application.

Embedded Logic

Request forms have embedded logic to display additional questions or hide questions based on how previous questions are answered.

Structure Data

Create guardrails to ensure that specific questions must be answered in order to submit a request.


Get visibility into the requests that everyone on the team is working on so everyone feels connected.

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