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Cloud-based collaboration platform that facilitates team communication and workflow management, offering features like channels, direct messaging, file sharing, and integration with various third-party applications. Slack is widely used by businesses and organizations to improve team coordination and communication.

Integration Details

Requests for legal review, escalations, and follow-ups can come in via multiple channels — Slack, email, or even a mention during a meeting.  Manually triaging and assigning legal requests can be time-consuming, especially at scale. Streamline AI simplifies this process, giving in-house legal the breathing room to focus on legal analysis rather than administrative tasks.

Streamline AI's integration automatically consolidates Slack DMs, emails, and more into one central hub, enabling legal teams to stay on top of matters and eliminate redundant efforts.


Cut down on redundant processes

‍Convert any message into a Streamline AI request, whether it's a private DM or a message in a group channel. Choose which messsages are converted to Streamline AI requests so you can retain complete control.

Meet the business where they are

‍Allow business requestors to file requests within Slack rather than fill out a separate intake form. Requestors are automatically prompted to provide any missing information, avoiding any unnecessary back and forth.

Keep business partners in the loop. ‍

Send automated request creation and status notifications in Slack. Need more granular details? It's easy to see activity history and approvals in Streamline AI.

Work smarter

Spend less time triaging and tracking down information and more time doing the substantive legal work you went to law school for.

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