Cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that offers a suite of tools for businesses to manage their sales, customer service, marketing, and more in a unified environment.

Integration Details

Let's face the facts. Sales teams are used to working in Salesforce, and change management can be challenging. Partner better with Sales by embedding the ability to launch legal requests in Salesforce.

Streamline AI's bi-directional Salesforce integration allows sales teams to initiate legal requests directly within an opportunity without leaving Salesforce. Streamline AI automatically pulls in the necessary data so legal teams can respond quicker and fast-track business results.


Meet the business where they are

Minimize change management for your stakeholders by meeting them in Salesforce. ‍Request fields, like counterparty name or deal size, are auto-populated with data pulled from Salesforce opportunities, so there's no need to double enter data. Request forms are fully configurable without code.

Triage and route on autopilot

‍Streamline AI's workflow builder triggers based on designated request inputs, such as approvals triggering based on contract size or non-standard terms.

Build trust by keeping Sales informed

‍Give the sales team up-to-date visibility into request status, such as approvals and assignments, directly within the Salesforce opportunity.

Work smarter

Spend less time triaging and tracking down information and more time doing the substantive legal work you went to law school for.

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