The Streamline AI platform

Matter lifecycle management for in-house legal

Streamline AI simplifies matter lifecycle management for in-house legal teams by consolidating legal request intake, communication, review, approvals, and files into a unified, intuitive platform.

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Collaboration Hub buttonApprovals button
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Move faster with one connected source of truth

Eliminate the hassle of searching through emails and disconnected files and chats to find the context you need. Streamline AI enables your team to create, track, and manage all legal matters — including complex parent-child and sister hierarchies — in one centralized location.

Streamline AI's comprehensive solution provides a seamless hub for contracts, documents, and every critical communication, backed by a detailed audit trail that captures a clear record of who did what and when.

Collaborate more effectively together to drive results

Streamline AI powers better collaboration between in-house legal teams and their business stakeholders. Enhance matter management with the ability to add contributors, tag comments for clarity, and assign critical actions and approvals with ease.

With clear alignment on the latest for each matter, legal and business teams can achieve faster, more cohesive business outcomes.

Streamline AI UI showing a private messaging to core users

Strengthen privilege and restrict access with confidential comments

When it comes to legal work, confidentiality can be critical. Streamline legal collaboration with core-only comments, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential and accessible only to intended recipients.

Optimize how your legal team works with the business

Leverage automation to smooth out your legal operations, making your workflow as efficient as it can be.

Streamline AI shines a light on your review and approval processes to pinpoint sources of delay. By tracking the time invested at each stage, our platform offers insights into time at each step and areas ripe for improvement, ensuring your legal team and business partners work together more effectively than ever.

Streamline AI UI showing data breakdownA further data breakdown on Waiting On

Work smarter

Scale your legal team's efficiency and effectiveness with modern workflow automation tools designed for in-house legal.

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Streamline AI integrations with Ironclad, email, Salesforce, and Slack.

Integrates with the tools you already use

Streamline AI integrates with your existing tool stack to effortlessly connect legal and business stakeholders. Flow requests through email and Slack integrations to minimize change management. Launch requests from Salesforce in a few clicks.

Centralize all types of legal intake in Streamline AI (because Legal works on more than just contracts) — automatically route marketing compliance review to product counsel and contracts to Ironclad's CLM platform. Streamline works seamlessly with the way your team works.