The Streamline AI Platform

Matter Management
for In-House Legal

Create and track matters and any related communications, approvals, and documents in one place.

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Streamline AI Collaboration Hub for Legal

Move faster with one connected source of truth

Eliminate the hassle of searching through emails and different repositories and efficiently create, track, and manage matters (including parent-child and sister hierarchies), communications, approvals, and documents in one place.

Streamline AI brings all communications and actions for every matter into a single, searchable hub, with a robust audit trail that captures a clear record of who did what and when.

Collaborate more effectively, together.

Streamline AI powers collaboration between in-house legal teams and their business stakeholders. Add contributors to matters, tag comments, assign actions and approvals, and instantly notify relevant stakeholders about updates and changes.

With clear alignment on the latest for each matter, teams can achieve better business results faster.

Streamline AI - Legal Intake and Routing for Sales
Streamline AI Analytics Drilldown

Optimize how your team works with the business

Automate processes to make operations smoother and more efficient, optimizing the overall workflow.

Shed light on review and approval processes and pinpoint sources of delay. As matters shuttle between Legal and its cross-functional partners, Streamline captures the duration of each step. With clearer insight into the time each step consumes, identify potential bottlenecks and areas for process improvement.

Streamline AI integrations with Ironclad, email, Salesforce, and Slack.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Streamline AI integrates with your existing tool stack to effortlessly connect legal and business stakeholders. Flow requests through email and Slack integrations to minimize change management. Launch requests from Salesforce in a few clicks.

Centralize all types of legal intake in Streamline AI (because Legal works on more than just contracts) — automatically route marketing compliance review to product counsel and contracts to Ironclad's CLM platform. Streamline works seamlessly with the way your team works.

Work smarter

Spend less time triaging and tracking down information and more time doing the substantive legal work you went to law school for.

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