Third Party Subprocessors


a) Heroku Privacy Team

b) 415 Mission Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA, 94105

c) and 1-844-287-7147

d) Heroku is used by Streamline AI to build and manage application containers.


Amazon Web Services:

AWS Privacy Team

410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210, U.S.A


Streamline AI is hosted on AWS cloud servers.


MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas Legal Department

1633 Broadway, 38th Floor New York, NY 10019 and 1-866-692-1371

MongoDB is used as Streamline AI’s database provider.


Redis Labs

Redis Labs Legal Department

700 E El Camino Real Suite 250, Mountain View, CA 94040 and 1 (415) 930-9666

Redis Labs is used to send and route emails to and from Streamline AI users.


Google Workspace Services

a) Not available

b) 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94030

c) Google privacy helpline: 855-548-2777

d) We use Google Workspace Services to send and receive emails.


Clearlaw, Inc.

Clearlaw Legal Team

We license Clearlaw to provide a large language model for our SmartParse product.