The Streamline AI platform

Analytics and real-time metrics reporting for in-house legal

Streamline AI equips your in-house legal team with real-time analytics and actionable insights, enabling data-driven decisions about resource allocation, headcount planning, and efficient team management.

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Streamline AI Dashboard with a list of tasks and relevant filters
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Access real-time metrics tracking tailored for legal teams

With clean dashboard visualizations and an intuitive experience, Streamline AI gives you an live snapshot of key legal team metrics, including request volume (over time, by team or type), SLAs, and time at each step. Track exceptions to thresholds, non-standard terms, and more.

Leverage these insights to underscore your team's impact, inform better business forecasting, and make precise, data-driven decisions for resource allocation.

Optimize resource planning with actionable data

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your legal team’s performance. With Streamline AI, track trends over time, such as changes in request volume and SLA response times. Load balance with a glance by getting an always-up-to-date, bird's-eye view into all the work your team takes on.

Streamline AI provides volume projections based on request analytics, enabling better resource planning. Use trend metrics to demonstrate the need for headcount to preempt bottlenecks before they happen.

Streamline AI UI showing data breakdownA further data breakdown on Waiting On

Speed up business processes, without compromising quality

​​Bring clarity to review and approval processes and identify causes of delay.

As matters move between Legal and its business stakeholders, Streamline AI records the time taken for each step. With a clear, granular understanding of the duration of each step and responsible aprties, it's easy to identify potential bottlenecks and areas for process iimprovements.

Work smarter

Scale your legal team's efficiency and effectiveness with modern workflow automation tools designed for in-house legal.

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Streamline AI integrations with Ironclad, email, Salesforce, and Slack.

Integrates with the tools you already use

Streamline AI integrates with your existing tool stack to effortlessly connect legal and business stakeholders. Flow requests through email and Slack integrations to minimize change management. Launch requests from Salesforce in a few clicks.

Centralize all types of legal intake in Streamline AI (because Legal works on more than just contracts) — automatically route marketing compliance review to product counsel and contracts to Ironclad's CLM platform. Streamline works seamlessly with the way your team works.