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Transforming legal operations with Streamline AI

With the rollout of Streamline AI's forms and legal workflows in just one month,'s legal team cut legal request processing times by 50%, enabling them to efficiently tackle complex requests with agility.

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Streamlining legal intake and workflows at Lighthouse

By adopting Streamline AI's modern, centralized system for legal intake and tracking, Lighthouse (formerly OTA Insights) cut the time spent on information gathering by 40-50%.

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Boosting legal team response time and deal velocity at 8x8 with Streamline AI

After implementing Streamline AI, 8x8 significantly streamlined their legal processes, enabling faster deal closures and enhancing overall operational efficiency through real-time, actionable reporting.

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Accelerating legal efficiency and cross-functional collaboration at Favor Delivery

With full implementation in two months, Favor Delivery transformed its legal operations with Streamline AI, slashing response times to under 48 hours and enhancing cross-functional collaboration.

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Speeding up legal response times by 60% with Streamline AI

Learn how Branch Metrics leverages Streamline AI to accelerate legal ticket review, enabling Sales and Deal Desk to close deals faster and accelerate company revenue.

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Leveraging Streamline AI to accelerate vendor processes from weeks to 24 hours

With standardized legal intake and automated workflow routing, Pantheon's legal team was able to bring SLAs down from weeks to a single day, enabling them to partner better with Marketing, IT, and HR.

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