The Streamline AI platform

Elevate your legal team's efficiency with Streamline AI

Unlock unparalleled efficiency for your in-house legal team with Streamline AI, the modern front door for legal. Gain complete visibility across all legal work—from intake and triage to final approvals—in one centralized hub. Automate workflows to free up resources for strategic, substantive work.

Streamline AI Tracking Dashboard
Dynamic intake form routing

Deliver a better experience to legal and the business

Partner better with the business by meeting them where they are. Business partners can submit legal requests directly in Streamline AI or kick off legal requests via email, Slack, Ironclad, or Salesforce. Streamline AI automatically consolidates requests from different channels into one source of truth — simplifying legal request submission with minimal change management.

Keep legal requests on track with Streamline AI's task tracker dashboard, offering a clear and organized view of all legal requests. Easily access key details like submission dates, requestor information, current reviewer, and latest status at a glance. As matters progress, Streamline AI keeps all stakeholders updated automatically, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Triage legal review and approvals automatically and efficiently

Say goodbye to tedious manual review and duplicated efforts. Streamline AI simplifies legal request management by automatically consolidating requests into a unified mission control and efficiently routing them to the right reviewers and approvers.

With complete visibility into all legal requests, it's easy to assign tasks, clarify ownership, and plan resourcing accordingly. Need to change a workflow process? Streamline AI's no-code workflow builder allows you to quickly create and update custom workflows, eliminating the wait for IT support.

Collaboration Hub buttonRequest Details buttonApprovals button
Attachement buttonActivity History buttonRelated Requests button
Collaboration Hub buttonApprovals button
Request Details buttonRelated Requests button
Attachement buttonActivity History button

Move faster with one connected source of truth

Eliminate the hassle of searching through emails, disconnected files, and Slack messages. Streamline AI centralizes all legal work—comments, notes, approvals, and files—in one unified hub, complete with a detailed audit trail.

Experience the ease of managing all legal matters and projects rom a single, organized platform. Track tasks effortlessly, know exactly who is responsible for what, and access key assets instantly, allowing legal teams to do their best work and stay in the flow.

Strengthen privilege and restrict access with confidential comments

When it comes to legal work, confidentiality can be critical. Protect legal collaboration with core-only comments, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential and accessible only to intended recipients.

Streamline AI UI showing a private messaging to core users

Empower data-driven decisions with real-time legal metrics

Automatically capture and access immediate clarity on essential legal metrics such as legal response and review time time, time at each stage, request volume trends, and more.

With clear, quantitative metrics, easily demonstrate your legal department's impact, identify bottlenecks for resolution, and make informed decisions on budget and staffing.

Work smarter

Scale your legal team's efficiency and effectiveness with modern workflow automation tools designed for in-house legal.

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Streamline AI integrations with Ironclad, email, Salesforce, and Slack.

Integrates with the tools you already use

Streamline AI integrates with your existing tool stack to effortlessly connect legal and business stakeholders. Flow requests through email and Slack integrations to minimize change management. Launch requests from Salesforce in a few clicks.

Centralize all types of legal intake in Streamline AI (because Legal works on more than just contracts) — automatically route marketing compliance review to product counsel and contracts to Ironclad's CLM platform. Streamline works seamlessly with the way your team works.