Messaging and email


Streamline AI can ingest legal requests from any alias, such as or


Integration Details

Requests for legal review, escalations, and follow-ups can come in via email, but it takes time and effort to manually assemble the complete picture from old emails. Manually sorting and delegating email-based legal tickets can be time-consuming, particularly at scale. Streamline AI simplifies this process automatically, by seamlessly consolidating emails (even cc'd threads) and other communications into a single unified hub, empowering legal teams to be more efficient and responsive.


Meet the business where they are

‍Convert any email handle (legal@, privacy@, compliance@) into an automated process that feeds requests directly into Streamline AI. Streamline AI instantly transforms emails into ticket requests for fast triage and routing.

Organize matters effortlessly

‍Assign a matter type with hashtags, whether it's for #vendor, #sales, #privacy, or more. ‍Streamline AI also automatically detects and flags duplicate requests, so your to-do list stays organized and tidy.

Get the whole picture

‍Seamlessly capture the content of email threads and pass attachments to Streamline AI so there's a central hub for every key detail.

Work smarter

Scale your legal team's efficiency and effectiveness with modern workflow automation tools designed for in-house legal.

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