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A photo of Kathy, the CEO and Julian, the CTO

In today’s fast-paced business environment, legal teams can’t afford to lag behind. As organizations grow and become more complex, the ability of in-house legal teams to promptly address and manage legal issues raised by the business is crucial.

Kathy Zhu co-founded Streamline AI based on challenges she faced as the first commercial counsel at Medallia and DoorDash. DoorDash’s legal team faced a large influx of legal requests as the company scaled rapidly. The lack of a scalable solution slowed down Legal’s response time and created the perception of Legal as the bottleneck. Dissatisfied with generic task management tools and software that weren’t designed to address the nuances of in-house legal, she partnered with Julian Wimbush, a product lead and former engineer at Google and now Streamline’s CTO, to create a better solution.

Streamline AI equips in-house legal with the tools and metrics to drive outsized impact

It's the go-to workflow platform for legal intake, triage, and management specifically designed for in-house legal. Streamline AI empowers legal departments to deliver faster business results, while improving trust and cross-functional collaboration.

Thanks to its user-friendly design and intentional product vision, Streamline AI is reshaping how legal teams operate, empowering them to serve the business better and deliver efficient, impactful results.

Streamline AI is proud to be backed by experienced operators and investors

Streamline AI is backed by Oceans Ventures, Scribble Ventures, Ridge Ventures, Riverpark Ventures, Operator Partners, and Wilson Sonsini, along with top legal leaders including Colin Stretch (former General Counsel at Facebook, Inc.), Alan Grebene (former General Counsel at Medallia), Ilan Hornstein (Chief Legal Officer at Nauto), and Lawtrades co-founders Raad Ahmed and Ashish Walia.

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