Favor Delivery

Accelerating legal efficiency and cross-functional collaboration at Favor Delivery

Impact at a glance

Increased legal response time and efficiency.

Improved cross-team collaboration.

Full implementation and roll-out within 2 months.

The challenge

Favor Delivery is a same-day delivery and online food ordering platform based in Austin, Texas. With a lean two-person legal team serving a company of close to 500 employees and with a fleet of almost 100,000 contractor drivers, there was a need to increase the effectiveness of the team outside of using Slack and emails for legal request coordination and communication.

“With legal requests in email and Slack, it could take up to a week to process a request because we wouldn’t have all the relevant background information, context, and latest information and communications in one place,” said Senior Legal Manager JP LaMunyon. “We tried using Jira and Asana, which worked great for our engineering and product teams, but they didn’t do exactly what we needed for Legal. We couldn’t customize it the way we saw fit. We needed a tool designed for the legal team. We wanted something we could maintain without spending hours and hours of work.”

The solution

The legal team at Favor Delivery sought a solution to efficiently manage, track, and intake legal requests while improving collaboration with business stakeholders. Streamline AI, with its centralized, up-to-date system, emerged as the perfect solution, meeting their needs for simplicity and scalability. It consolidated all legal requests into one always up-to-date source of truth, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

The implementation of Streamline AI was notably smooth, facilitated by a seamless partnership with their Customer Success Manager, Evan. 

“Evan was the best implementation manager I’ve ever worked with,” explained JP. “It only took a month and a half to get everything set up with our systems and all the integrations working. I’ve launched many tools, and none of them ever went on schedule. We rolled out Streamline AI fully across the business only two months after we signed the contract.”

The impact

This new system dramatically increased the legal team’s efficiency, reducing response times for legal requests from over a week to within 48 hours on average, and resolving  most issues within two weeks on average. Streamline AI not only organized the intake and prioritization of numerous requests but also strengthened the legal team’s relationships with other business departments by facilitating collaboration in a single platform.

“Streamline AI allows us to know exactly what legal requests are open, where it’s at, and what the next steps are,” said JP. “We can easily show current status to our business partners and bring in additional stakeholders as needed. Because of Streamline AI, there’s not that gap where the business user thinks, ‘The legal team forgot about me.’ Finance and Accounting love to be able to tag who they need to and collect information from there. They love being able to pull up a legal request ticket and ask, ‘Why is this here? Here’s what they still need.’ We collaborate with our engineering team on software purchase agreements in Streamline AI. There’s no more scattered Slack messages and email chains — it’s all in one place that they can reference when needed.”

Streamline AI has empowered the legal team with enhanced visibility into their workload, alongside access to crucial metrics for making informed business decisions. For instance, the legal team was able to identify a pattern where a certain business department frequently marked their requests as urgent, requiring a 24-hour turnaround. Given the unsustainable volume of such high-priority tasks, the legal team utilized these volume metrics to advocate for a more realistic alignment between what truly constitutes an urgent request and what does not. This strategic use of data facilitated a more balanced distribution of work priorities.

“With Streamline AI, we’re now able to show metrics such as the volume of legal requests and where they’re coming from,” explained JP. “Our executive team can look at the numbers and compare them to their budgets. We’ve been able to evaluate things like ‘Are we looking at too many new products in this one department? Are some of these new software requests duplicative? Have we made sure that all relevant stakeholders have had a chance to review, provide feedback, and approve?’ It’s allowed our teams to really clarify things we weren’t sure about. The legal team is able to function much more efficiently while increasing communication and clarity with stakeholders.”

JP concludes, “Streamline AI has created a forum for cross-functional collaboration within the platform, making it incredibly easy for everyone, from the newest support hire all the way up to our CEO, to get in there. Now, business users feel like they can seamlessly collaborate with the legal team and keep projects moving at the speed of the business. It’s just that easy.”

By harnessing the power of Streamline AI, Favor Delivery has optimized its legal operations and fostered a more integrated and collaborative work environment, setting a new standard for legal efficiency and cross-functional teamwork.

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