Streamlining legal intake and workflows at Lighthouse

Impact at a glance

One month rollout

40-50% less time spent tracking down information

Scalable legal intake and workflows

The challenge

Lighthouse (formerly OTA Insight) is a travel and hospitality industry platform that provides market insights, business intelligence, and pricing tools to maximize revenue growth. The platform is utilized by over 65,000 hotels in 185 countries and is supported by more than 500 employees in Europe and the US.

As the GC and sole member of the legal team at Lighthouse for many years, Eva Metsu had developed a workable process for legal intake and triage using Slack and email. However, as request volumes increased and became more complex and her legal team began to grow, the limitations of this ad hoc system became apparent.

“I just came to this point where things become too complex, and I could no longer remember who said what, where, and when,” explained Eva. “We’d go back and forth on documents or versions of a contract, but it was hard to keep track. To prepare for growth, we needed a legal intake and tracking tool that could provide an overview of everyone’s tasks. We needed something that would ensure a smooth transition if I or anyone else were to leave or fall ill, eliminating the need for the business to explain or provide additional context.”

The solution

Eva needed a software solution that would provide visibility, enable collaboration, and set her team up to scale efficiently. She evaluated several tools on the market, including contract lifecycle management (CLM) platforms, but found them lacking. 

“I liked them, but Streamline really stood out to me in terms of just ease of setting up and ease of use,” Eva explained. “Plus, Streamline AI was a solution that we could roll out across other teams across the business.”

Implementation of Streamline AI was fast, with form set up and workflows completed within a month, followed by a staged rollout, team by team, culminating in a full launch just a few weeks later.

“I really like Streamline AI’s user interface,” Eva recounts. I didn’t have to give anyone training on how to use it. It’s fuss-free and very straightforward. It’s easy to understand and use. I just gave everyone ten sentences on how to use Streamline, which everyone uses very well. I’ve been through a few tool implementations, and Streamline AI’s has been the best so far.” 

The impact

Within two months of rolling out Streamline AI, Lighthouse’s legal team saw major efficiency gains, cutting the time spent tracking down information and directing stakeholders to the right resources by 40-50%. 

Streamline AI features that improved the team’s legal workflow’s include:

  • DocuSign integration for kicking off seamless signing and tracking of agreements;
  • Collaborative comments functionality that improves communication on requests among the legal team and with business stakeholders, streamlining decision-making and coordination for clearer, shared understanding; and
  • An intuitive interface that has driven high adoption rates by business stakeholders.

By implementing Streamline AI, Lighthouse has laid the foundation for its legal team to work more transparently and efficiently as it continues to grow. The platform has become a crucial part of its legal tech stack and operations. As Eva puts it, “I can only recommend to potential customers to definitely look into Streamline AI. I wouldn’t hesitate.”

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