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Speeding up legal response times by 60% with Streamline AI

Impact at a glance

Reduced time spent on each legal ticket by 2 days

Eliminated back-and-forth emails

Improved visibility and trust with Deal Desk and Sales

The challenge

Branch Metrics is a privately held company that enables brands to build and measure engaging and relevant end-user ad experiences across all platforms, devices, and channels. Before implementing Streamline AI, Branch Metrics’ legal team manually managed requests from their Deal Desk. The Deal Desk input their requests into Google Sheets, then worked with the legal team to prioritize each request either during meetings or through emails. This manual process lacked key aspects both teams needed for effective collaboration: a centralized repository, metrics, and scalability. Branch Metrics found this process extremely inefficient, causing longer SLAs, confusion as to the right point of contact, lost information from emails, and a lack of visibility into the status of requests. Branch Metrics’ legal department turned to Daniel Michalek, the Legal Operations Manager, to find a solution to address this problem.

The solution

Branch Metrics chose Streamline AI to support and improve its legal service request process. With Streamline AI, Daniel found a scalable solution that allows the legal team to be more proactive business partners to the organization and prepare for future needs as the business scales. 

Streamline AI’s no-code ease of use appealed to the company. They evaluated Salesforce Cases and Ironclad as potential solutions, but neither legal software solution fit the bill for their needs. Streamline’s ease of use and scalability appealed to the company. Salesforce Cases required significant resources to set up and maintain, and Ironclad didn’t offer case management and prioritization functionality.

The team quickly realized the following benefits of Streamline AI:

  • A central source of truth: Streamline AI brings the data into a centralized repository and enables the tracking of request priority, requestor, practice area, and other important details related to the request.
  • Quick implementation and time-to-value: Streamline AI’s ease of use enabled Branch Metrics to quickly get up and running with a tailored solution for their needs, which reduced friction around a request’s status. This positioned the legal team as trusted advisors and partners able to help drive Branch’s success.
  • Better real-time visibility: With Streamline AI, Branch Metrics gained complete visibility into the legal service request process. With visibility into key workflow metrics in real-time, Legal Operations can get ahead of potential issues, track performance, and report up to leadership easily.
  • No-code, easy-to-build custom workflows: Streamline AI’s ability to create custom workflows with no code, eliminating the need for Daniel to use IT or Engineering resources.
  • Opportunity for more efficiency across the organization: Legal Operations saw an opportunity for Streamline AI to be more than just a solution for the legal team. Streamline AI solves inefficiencies, data transmission issues, and collaboration difficulties — complex problems every business unit faces. Streamline AI’s robust feature set and customizability helps it support any department. 

The impact

As a result of using Streamline AI, Branch Metrics was able to reduce the number of days spent on each ticket by over two days or nearly 60%. Their SLA allocated four days per ticket, and Streamline AI reduced that to 1.7 days per ticket. Branch Metrics also eliminated the emails the legal team received asking for status and updates, as this information is readily visible to stakeholders in the Streamline AI system.

Daniel shares the efficiencies realized with Streamline AI:

  • The Deal Desk team is happier and can work smarter and faster because they now have a central system to track and manage requests and no longer have to search through email threads for information. Automated notifications help them prioritize their work by alerting them when specific actions are needed, keeping everyone focused and efficient.
  • The sales team is more efficient because they can get more deals into Deal Desk. Once they submit a request, they can quickly move on to the next opportunity with confidence that requests are properly tracked and managed.
  • The Executive team gained more visibility into progress. Streamline AI’s custom real-time dashboards give leadership access to key metrics and insights at their fingertips. 

With Streamline AI, Branch Metrics’ legal team has improved collaboration with the Deal Desk team to get deals done faster, simpler, and more efficiently, setting up the company for long-term success.

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