Leveraging Streamline AI to accelerate vendor processes from weeks to 24 hours

Impact at a glance

24-hour turnaround time for legal requests

55% greater budget visibility

33% greater laptop accountability

The challenge

Pantheon is a WebOps platform that empowers marketing and development teams to take control of their websites. Pantheon powers over 300,000 sites for more than 12,000 businesses worldwide. In 2020, Pantheon was experiencing exponential growth that saw its workforce grow from 200 to 500 in less than 18 months. Transactional volume increased by 40%. In turn, large spikes in vendor requests put increased pressure on a legal team already struggling to manage the flood of contracts. Review times rose significantly, making it difficult to meet internal deadlines and threatening to strain the relationship between Legal and its partner teams.

Pantheon’s General Counsel, Ronak Ray, knew he needed to find a solution that would not only manage his own team’s workflow but also simplify the front-end request process. It was critical to meet demand not only from an operational perspective but also to establish the in-house legal team as a credible partner.

The solution

Streamline AI worked with Pantheon to build the required features for a platform that could automate and standardize vendor processes. With Streamline AI, Pantheon was able to create, update, and maintain its own workflows without help from the Business Applications team or IT. Once deployed, Streamline AI’s dynamic logic enabled a broad range of different actions, allowing the team to create new workflows in under two minutes. Now, any time a team identifies a vendor or software, the intake process is launched through Streamline AI.

  • No-Code Workflow: With Streamline AI’s no-code workflow builder in place, Pantheon’s legal team can consistently meet 24-hour turnaround times — down from multiple weeks prior to deployment — without needing additional headcount.
  • 55% Greater Budget Visibility: Streamline AI provides clarity into budgets and spend by acting as a unified cross-functional system for teams with high vendor contract volume, like Marketing and HR. “We now have 55% more visibility into budgets — what’s coming in, how it’s being used, the associated business case, and level of authorized spend,” said Ray.
  • 33% Greater Laptop Accountability: Streamline AI automates the IT department’s process for laptop disbursement using a series of uniform steps to get laptops out to new employees and contractors. It allows the team to manage and track laptops across the company, a critical aspect of SOC 2 compliance for a Series-E company like Pantheon.
  • Expanding Beyond Legal: Pantheon adopted Streamline AI’s technology throughout the entire company. Additional workflows have been deployed by multiple teams to manage requests, provide increased visibility for budget management and strengthen IT security.

The impact

Today, Pantheon’s legal organization manages contract approvals more efficiently and effectively, which allows its team members to focus on strategic initiatives that support continued and healthy growth. Other teams within the organization, once bogged down with internal work, now spend their time on priorities that provide direct value to Pantheon’s customers.

“If your finance or marketing or customer success teams are mired in bad internal purchasing processes, they have less time to spend with customers, less time to respond directly to their issues, less time to help them realize the full value of the platform,” said Ray. “Simplifying those processes with Streamline AI allows us to spend more time on client-facing work — to really focus on the end user at every turn.”

Streamline AI has also helped provide insight into workloads across teams and contextualizes their ability to impact business outcomes positively. Collaboration between internal stakeholders has never been better, while improved communication and reporting have created a more positive, transparent relationship with company leadership.

“The broader impact of Streamline AI in terms of creating visibility, has been a tremendous boost to our ability to produce, to chase risk, and to be efficient in scaling the company,” said Ray. “It allows us to focus more of our time on strategic vendor relationships, which is ultimately what matters most to our customer base.”

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