Streamline AI for Sales + Legal

Manage and close sales requests faster

Speed up your deal cycles by enabling Legal to serve Sales better at scale.

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Dynamic intake form routing

Deliver a better legal experience to sales teams

Does your sales team live in Salesforce? Partner better with Sales by meeting them in their preferred platforms.

Sales can quickly initiate legal requests via tools they're already use, like Salesforce, email, or Slack.  Streamline AI consolidates those requests in one command center, enabling legal departments to sort and handle the requests effectively. Streamline AI automatically pushes status updates to Salesforce and Slack, so Sales is always up to date with the latest.

Build trust and transparency with business counterparts

Streamline AI powers collaboration between in-house legal teams and their business stakeholders. Keep Sales in the loop automatically with instant notifications about review and approval stage changes and other deal updates.

Easily ask and answer questions with tagged comments, assign actions and approvals, and track deals as they move along. Streamline AI pulls all communications, actions, and versions into a unified, searchable hub, complete with a detailed audit trail, eliminating the hassle of searching through scattered emails and repositories.

Ensure the right resources for legal and sales success

Optimize resource planning with data to ensure that both Sales and Legal are equipped to deliver timely business outcomes. Streamline’s reporting dashboard provides insights on volume, turnaround time, and other metrics to guide resource allocation.

With automated reporting on sales contract volume and deal flow, legal departments have the latest data to advocate for necessary resources.

Build and launch intake sales workflows in minutes, no coding required

Create powerful no-code workflows to automate approvals, assign requests based on contract attributes, and add team members as followers. Use conditional logic for dynamic routing based on intake responses.

Show or hide questions based on how previous questions are answered and set up guardrails to make responses mandatory. It's easy to design and launch tailored sales workflow specific to your business needs.

Work smarter

Scale your legal team's efficiency and effectiveness with modern workflow automation tools designed for in-house legal.

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Streamline AI integrations with Ironclad, email, Salesforce, and Slack.

Integrates with the tools you already use

Streamline AI integrates with your existing tool stack to effortlessly connect legal and business stakeholders. Flow requests through email and Slack integrations to minimize change management. Launch requests from Salesforce in a few clicks.

Centralize all types of legal intake in Streamline AI (because Legal works on more than just contracts) — automatically route marketing compliance review to product counsel and contracts to Ironclad's CLM platform. Streamline works seamlessly with the way your team works.