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It's important for in-house legal teams to review marketing assets for compliance to safeguard an organization's reputation and avoid costly legal liabilities and regulatory penalties. This process ensures that marketing strategies not only align with evolving laws and ethical standards but also uphold brand integrity and nurture consumer trust.

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About the marketing compliance legal request intake form

Legal review of marketing assets is not just a defensive tactic to prevent negative consequences; it's a proactive approach that supports sustainable business growth by ensuring marketing initiatives are effective, legally compliant, and trusted by customers. A standardized marketing compliance intake form ensures consistency in the information gathered, allowing for a more efficient and accurate assessment of legal compliance. This is particularly vital given that advertising and marketing laws are complex and subject to frequent changes. By implementing a uniform intake process, legal teams are empowered to handle all marketing requests more effectively, maintaining swift turnaround times that keep campaigns timely and relevant.

While you can easily build your own marketing compliance legal request intake form from scratch, Streamline AI’s intake form template saves you time by providing you with a set of ready-to-use form questions. Customize the form for your organization and get to launch more quickly. Try our ready-made form templates to help your legal team get started with setting up or refining your intake process for marketing compliance legal requests.

Best practices for designing a legal intake process

In growing companies, legal teams face increasing volumes of legal requests. Efficient legal request management is vital — designing a better legal intake form is only the first step. Here are some best practices when setting up or refining a legal intake process for your in-house legal department.

Consolidate legal intake with the right tool

When you work with different teams, requests for legal review can come from multiple channels, including email, Slack, Salesforce, and CLM. Streamline AI’s software automatically gathers all legal request intake and brings them to one centralized place, ensuring that requests are captured and tracked correctly. However, the reality is that change management can be difficult — sometimes business stakeholders will just stick to lack or emailing the legal department. When evaluating a legal intake tool, it's important to assess its  integrations with your company’s current software or communication platforms. By doing so, you ensure a cohesive system where business stakeholders have the flexibility to either adopt the new tool or continue using their preferred methods for submitting legal requests. ‍

Design forms for each specific use case

Build forms tailored to various request types rather than solely using one catch-all form. While simple for requestors to use, generic forms often require additional communication to gather all necessary information, leading to process delays. This approach ensures that all relevant questions to that request type are asked and needed information is gathered, minimizing the need for additional follow-up due to missing data. This saves time for both the legal team and the requestors.

Make it easy to choose the right type of request

Just say a marketing team has a question about using generative AI to automatically create ad copy. What type of request would they submit? Would this be a generative AI tool request, a marketing compliance request, or something other type of request? While it might make sense to Legal what the different legal request types are, it may not be intuitive for a business stakeholder. Add a short description of what each request type means. By making it easy for requesters to figure out what they need right, we can ask them clear and straightforward questions, making it easier for everyone involved (and reducing that endless back and forth).

Implement efficient, automatic review and approval workflows

Once you gather the information needed, it’s important that that the information gets to the right contact. Manual routing for reviews and approvals can be time-consuming and error-prone, and legal teams spend a good deal of time doing repetitive, manual administrative work. Software can be the solution to automating this process for in-house legal departments. Streamline AI can intelligently and automatically route requests to the right person based on form inputs and then automatically route to and subsequent reviews or approvals necessary, making the process expedient and seamless. 

Commonly Asked Questions

An effective legal intake process is crucial for efficiently organizing and addressing legal requests from the business. It allows in-house counsel to manage these requests in a consistent and effective manner. By establishing a systematic and efficient process, communication between legal teams and other departments is significantly improved, leading to faster and higher-quality legal services. Additionally, a well-defined intake process plays a key role in early risk identification, adherence to legal regulations, and ensuring responsible handling of legal requests.

Forms can be frustrating to fill out, but when legal request forms are designed correctly, they can incentivize the right behavior and make information gathering more efficient. Some key tips to keep in mind are:

  • Ask Focused Questions: Start with specific questions to quickly get to the heart of the legal request.
  • Utilize Conditional Logic: Design forms that adapt based on responses, showing only fields relevant to the requestor. This helps provide a tailored experience for each request type and reduce information overload.
  • Order Fields Logically: Begin with more easy, straightforward fields and gradually move to more complex ones. This approach keeps requesters engaged and encourages completion. 
  • Keep Forms Concise: Request only the information needed so making a request doesn’t dissuade the requestor from getting to the end.
  • Group Related Questions: Organize questions logically to facilitate easier completion.
  • Allow Attachments: Enable requesters to attach relevant documents to provide background and reduce the need for emailing files.

Streamline AI is the only legal intake, triage, and workflow automation software solution designed specifically for in-house legal teams. Founded by experienced in-house counsel, Streamline AI optimizes the legal intake and task management process by centralizing any and all legal requests in one central hub and automatically routing requests for review and approval. This sets previously manual and time-consuming tasks on autopilot, so in-house legal departments can get time back to work on high-value, substantive legal work.

With Streamline AI, in-house legal teams can access real-time metrics and KPIs, such as request volumes (by type or team, and over time, time in legal review, and SLAs adherence and response times. With Streamline AI, legal departments can work more efficiently and capture the quantitative data needed to showcase their impact.

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