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Use Streamline AI's no-code workflow builder to automate any step in a repeatable process. Build a workflow using plain English in 2-minutes or less.

Use automation to handle the busywork so you can focus your energy on high-value, complex assignments. Automate assignments, approvals, add followers, and send notifications based on predesignated triggers.

Streamline's workflow builder is built using dynamic logic and can address a wide range of different triggers and resulting actions

For example, you can automatically notify a certain individual on the Finance team if a deal has non-standard terms or is above a certain dollar threshold. You can set actions to always trigger or to trigger based on changes in request status.

Stack multiple workflows together to address complex situations. Streamline will flag any changes that will break existing workflows, such as removing certain users that play a role in an existing workflow.

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Minimize Change Management

Streamline AI minimizes change management by allowing requests to be submitted via email, Slack, Salesforce, or the Streamline application.