Product Features

Request Tracker

Get visibility into your team's work. Track assignments, approvals, and statuses from one central location. Detailed request histories allow you to access previous conversations, actions, and documents related to each request. Our system makes finding that one thing you need a breeze, even from last year.


Allow business users to submit requests from existing systems. Streamline AI connects with the tools your business teams already use so that requests can route into the system automatically.

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Workflow Builder

Our Workflow Builder puts you in the driver's seat so you don't need IT or Business Applications to create, update or maintain your workflows.
Our dynamic logic allows you to capture a broad range of different actions. You can create a workflow using any question from the intake form.
Written in plain English, with zero code, so you can create a new workflow in 2 minutes or less.

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Analytics & Dashboard

Visualize key workflow metrics in real-time, like changes in request volume MoM and QoQ.
Understand individual workload from a glance, so you can get ahead of issues before they turn into problems.
Use data to substantiate your headcount and drive budget and resource planning.

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Zero Change Management (ZCM)

Leverage our ZCM module to get Streamline AI up and running for your legal team without making any changes to how business stakeholders submit requests or existing business processes outside your team.
Minimal switching costs and quick implementations deliver immediate value.

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