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AI-powered intake, no-code workflows, and metrics for in-house legal teams

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What Streamline AI Does

Frictionless Submission

Submit a request to Legal through email, Slack, Forms and more

Automated Work

Create no-code workflows to automate approvals, assignments, and more

Audit Trail

Keep an audit trail of all request changes, approval history, and messages

Tailored Functionality

Give the right level of visibility to stakeholders with functionality tailored to user type

Real-Time Metrics

Access real-time metrics so you can always stay one step ahead

Streamline High Volume Requests

Automate how you process legal requests and bring order to chaos. Streamline keeps business and approval teams in the loop automagically, so you can focus on what matters.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

See how your team is performing and track trends over time, like changes in request volume and SLAs. Use metrics to demonstrate the need for headcount and resources to avoid bottlenecks before they happen.

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Happy Teams, No Burnout

Automate your team’s manual, low-value work so they can tackle the hard stuff. Load balance with a glance by getting a bird's-eye view into all the work your team takes on.

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What Can You Streamline?

Legal requests sent via email or Slack (e.g. Legal@, Equity@)
Vendor onboarding process
Compliance workstreams
Privacy workstreams
Sales contracting process
Trust & Safety escalations
Any high volume request workstream
Ethics hotline
Our Customers Love Us
“Streamline is an invaluable tool to help organize the chaos that can be legal intake. The metrics are a big value-add for our crew.”
Jose L. Lopez, General Counsel
“Streamline AI enabled us to deliver consistent 24 hour SLAs across multiple teams, including legal, finance, people ops, infosec, IT, as we scaled our vendor needs by 20% each quarter.
We leveraged Streamline AI to shift to a remote workforce, manage turnover, and onboard entirely new areas of the business seamlessly.”
Ronak Ray, General Counsel
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Plug and Play, No Matter Your Tech Stack

We complement CLM platforms, so you can automate any high volume workstream, not just contracts.

If your team isn’t ready for CLM, we can speed up existing contract workflows from intake to e-sign.

Flow requests through our email and Slack integrations to minimize change management.

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