Mission control
for in-house legal teams

Streamline AI is the legal request management hub for seamless intake, collaboration, approvals, and real-time workload and performance metrics

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Streamline high-volume legal requests

Speed up legal request intake with Streamline AI's legal front door software and consolidate requests from CLM, Slack, and Salesforce into one source of truth. Eliminate back-and-forth information gathering with dynamic intake forms, conditional prompts, and intelligent approval workflow routing.

Keep business and approval teams in the loop automagically. With Streamline AI's legal intake software solution, in-house legal teams can get back the bandwidth to focus on substantive legal work.

Improve legal team operational efficiency

Get an 360° overview of legal team matters and tasks with all details, approvals, and updates organized in one source of truth.

Gain more visibility into who's working on what and team capacity, so you can get ahead of issues and keep operations running smoothly.

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Make better informed decisions based on real-time data

Get clarity into quantifiable legal team metrics, such as request volume by type or requesting team, exceptions to thresholds, and more. Streamline AI automatically generates real-time reports on legal-specific metrics.

With an understanding of key legal request metrics and trends, bring visibility to team impact, make data-driven resource decisions, and preempt bottlenecks.

“We’re now getting looped in early, so we’re able to get ahead of the game. We can manage requests more efficiently and improve turnaround times for legal requests.”

Brenda Perez
Senior Legal Operations Manager, Apollo.io

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“With Streamline AI, we’re able to bring data to the table. Highlighting our team’s success with concrete data through Streamline is incredibly empowering.”

Ilan Hornstein
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, 8x8

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“Streamline AI has created a forum for cross-functional collaboration within the platform, making it incredibly easy for everyone, from the newest support hire all the way up to our CEO, to get in there.”

JP LaMunyon
Senior Legal Manager, Favor

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“Streamline is an invaluable tool to help organize the chaos that can be legal intake. The metrics are a big value-add for our crew.”

Jose L. Lopez
General Counsel, Zeplin

Tailored for in-house legal teams,
Streamline AI offers

Frictionless legal intake and triage

Submit Legal requests through email, Slack, or Salesforce — Streamline AI's legal front door software automatically brings them together in one mission control. Create and update no-code workflows to automatically route reviews, approvals, and assignments to the right contacts.

Unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness

Reduce manual effort and save time by automating legal request intake and prioritization and setting review and approval routing on autopilot. By automating repetitive tasks, legal teams can enhance legal department efficiency and effectiveness and free up time for  strategic work.

Real-time data for decision-making

Guide forecasting and resourcing with data and showcase legal team performance. Real-time reporting dashboards show key legal metrics such as request volume (over time, by team or type), SLAs, and time at each step. Track exceptions to thresholds, non-standard terms, and more.

Improved trust and visibility

With one source of truth for tracking legal team work, it’s easy to understand who is working on what, where everything stands, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Enhanced compliance and accountability

Capture an audit trail of comments, reviews, approvals, and files to ensure clarity on who took which action and when.

Strengthened privilege and confidentiality

Keep sensitive data confidential with a tool owned and managed by Legal. Limit access to essential team members in line with legal best practices.

Streamline helps legal teams manage

Questions for Legal

Sales agreements

Vendor agreements

Marketing compliance reviews

Deal Desk and proposal reviews

Partnership agreements

Generative AI and AI tool review requests

Open source license reviews

Subpoena requests

Invention (new IP) disclosures

Business Associate Agreement (BAA) reviews

Privacy requests

Compliance and ethics questions

Contractor agreements

Employment law issues

Any high-volume legal request workstream

Plug and play, no matter what your tech stack

Streamline AI's legal intake software integrates with your existing tool stack to effortlessly connect legal and business stakeholders. Flow requests through email and Slack integrations to minimize change management. Launch legal requests from Salesforce in a few clicks. Streamline AI is the legal front door that cross-functional stakeholders love.

Centralize all types of legal requests in Streamline AI and automatically route marketing compliance review to product counsel and contracts to Ironclad's CLM platform. Streamline AI works seamlessly with the way your organization works.

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