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May 24, 2024

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What is a front door for legal?

A front door for legal is a digital platform that enables a company's employees to submit legal review requests or report legal issues to its own in-house legal department. These requests include sales contract generation and review, vendor management, marketing compliance review, open source licensing reviews, generative AI review, and other types of legal services. By having a well-defined front door for legal requests, organizations can improve the management of legal requests, ensure efficiency and consistency in legal processes, and enhance overall legal operations and delivery.

Streamline AI’s front door software gives solo GCs, small legal teams, and scaling legal teams:

  • Consistent and efficient legal intake and triage through the Streamline AI platform, Slack, Email, or Salesforce
  • Automated, custom workflows for review, approval, and E-signature
  • Automatic status updates for business stakeholders
  • Team and individual legal task management
  • Robust audit trail that captures approvals, and who did what and when
  • Real-time reporting and analytics on key metrics such as SLA response time, time in legal review, time at each step of the process, etc.
  • And much more.

What is Streamline AI?

Streamline AI is a legal intake, triage, and workflow automation software platform purpose-built for in-house legal teams. Streamline AI optimizes the legal intake and task management process by gathering the information needed in forms and dynamically and automatically routing requests to the right point of contact for review and approval. This takes previously manual and time-consuming tasks for Legal and sets them on autopilot, so in-house legal departments can save time from administrative work and focus on legal analysis. From sales requests to product questions, Streamline AI helps legal counsel and legal operations work faster and smarter with their business partners.

Because legal request data is captured in Streamline AI, in-house legal teams have access to key Legal real-time metrics and KPIs, such as time in legal review and response time, which helps provide evidence of Legal’s impact on the business and identify opportunities for process improvement.

What kind of legal intake workflows can you build in Streamline AI?

You can build any legal request form and workflow in Streamline AI, including high-volume, repetitive legal requests that take too much manual work.

Some examples that customers have built include:

  • Employment contracts
  • NDAs
  • Sales agreements
  • Vendor agreements
  • Software licensing contracts
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Data processing agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Open source license reviews
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) reviews
  • Contractor agreements
  • Legal opinions on potential business ventures or projects
  • Marketing compliance reviews
  • Review and approval of marketing and advertising materials
  • Deal Desk and proposal reviews
  • Employee-related matters
  • Compliance and regulatory inquiries
  • Data privacy and protection queries
  • Trademark and patent filings or inquiries
  • Generative AI requests
  • Subpoena requests
  • Invention (new IP) disclosures
  • Privacy requests
  • Compliance and ethics questions
  • Employment law issues

What templates does Streamline AI offer?

Streamline AI offers a set of tried-and-true templates for legal intake that incorporate best practices for form design. This helps our customers get up and running very quickly, ensuring fast time-to-value.

Learn more about designing better legal intake forms and workflow processes in our blog post.

What are the benefits of legal intake, triage, and workflow software?

The benefits of such legal software can include:

  1. Efficiency and Cost Savings: By optimizing processes and eliminating manual errors through automation, legal operations software can lead to significant cost savings. In addition, workflow automation can surface duplicate tasks or unnecessary steps, or where bottlenecks exist, which, when eliminated, can save both time and money.
  2. Reduction of Manual Work: Routine tasks, like legal intake processes, can be streamlined and set on autopilot, reducing the time legal teams spend on repetitive, administrative duties. For example, legal intake software can automatically triage and route legal review requests, allowing legal operations professionals and lawyers to get more time to focus on high-impact, strategic work.
  3. More Informed, Data-Driven Decisions: Legal departments can derive real-time metrics and insights from their operations with integrated analytics and reporting tools. By understanding legal department KPIs and having a sample of relevant KPIs to measure against, decision-makers can learn how to build and optimize processes. 
  4. Better Partnerships with the Business: Legal operations software like Streamline AI offer communication features that allow legal and business teams to work more collaboratively in one source of truth, share files and documents securely, and automatically track legal requests status and progress.
  5. Enhanced Scalability: As a legal department grows, the volume of legal requests and associated files and documents increases. Headcount doesn’t always scale as quickly, due to budget and headcount constraints. However, legal teams are pressed to maintain and improve review and turnaround times with their limited resources. Legal operations software can help legal departments scale legal service delivery efficiently when a company grows.

What is legal operations?

Legal operations, also known as "Legal Ops", represents the business support side of an in-house legal department. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of legal services by the in-house legal team. Legal Ops streamlines the operational aspects, encompassing areas such as legal technology implementation and ongoing support, budgeting and spending, project management, and analytics and reporting. This ensures that the legal department functions seamlessly, allowing in-house attorneys to dedicate more time to in-depth legal analysis instead of administrative work.

What makes Streamline AI better than other legal intake, triage, and workflow automation systems? 

Streamline AI is a cloud-based legal software platform designed specifically for in-house legal in mind, based on first-hand experience working as in-house counsel. Our CEO Kathy Zhu co-founded Streamline AI based on challenges she faced as the first commercial counsel at Medallia and DoorDash. Dissatisfied with solutions that didn’t understand the nuances of in-house legal team operations, she partnered with Julian Wimbush, a product lead and former engineer at Google and now Streamline’s CTO, to create a better solution.

Streamline AI is a no-code solution that allows legal teams to build custom intake forms and automated review and approval workflows tailored to their organization. Workflows can be conditional based on form responses, ensuring that legal teams are able to capture what is needed without overwhelming the business user. Implementation only takes a few weeks without the need for a dedicated resource to build workflows. Because Streamline AI is no-code, it’s easy to modify and update forms and workflows within minutes, without needing to file a ticket or hire an expensive consultant. 

Because the entire workflow is launched in and approvals are captured in Streamline AI, Streamline AI offers insights into key metrics for in-house legal teams to equip themselves to make better data-driven decisions. You can use Streamline AI's real-time dashboard to get clarity into key team metrics including SLA response time, time in legal review, month-over-month and quarter-over-quarter request volume changes in request volume, and more.

How much does Streamline AI cost?

Streamline AI prices based on a plan and user basis. Streamline AI is a command center for legal and was built with collaboration in mind, so we do not charge for business users. This helps legal teams scale legal delivery with predictable pricing and incentivize the business to use consistent, centralized intake with Streamline AI.

Streamline AI serves legal teams at companies of all sizes — SMB, mid-market, and enterprise. We serve solo GCs to large legal teams. We also have a special package available for solo GCs at startups. Contact us to learn more.

If you would like more details about the pricing for your organization please email or request a demo.

How does Streamline AI’s legal intake, triage, and workflow software integrate with my current tools?

Streamline AI seamlessly integrates with CLMs, E-Signature, SSO, and other tools in your existing tech stack to make work more efficient. This includes integrations with Ironclad’s CLM software, Slack messaging, Docusign’s E-Signature tool, and more.

Change management can take time at some organizations. That’s why Streamline AI also offers the ability to partner better with the business by meeting them where they are. Business partners can submit legal requests directly in Streamline AI or kick off legal requests via email (legal@), Slack, or Salesforce.

Learn more about our integrations

How does Streamline AI protect my legal team and legal operations data?

Co-founded by a lawyer and a Google engineer, Streamline AI is committed to trust and security. Streamline AI prioritizes protecting your data and holds SOC2 Type 1 certification.

Streamline AI is built on best-in-class infrastructure that protects your data while being transferred, stored, and processed. We enforce a robust and comprehensive array of policies that proactively mitigate risks and foster a security-centric culture.

Streamline’s production servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services, which provides hardened, highly available data centers to ensure server isolation. We engage a third-party security agency to conduct a thorough review of our data security protocols and safeguards. Learn more about how we approach security at Streamline.

I’d love to get started on Streamline AI. How do I see a demo?

If you would like to get a demo of Streamline AI, please email or request a demo.

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