Real-time legal metrics for in-house legal

Harness the power of data-driven insights for Legal with Streamline AI. Automatically track real-time metrics such as legal request volume, types, process times, and more.

Leverage comprehensive reporting dashboards to inform legal strategy, align your department's efforts with company objectives, and showcase legal team impact. Give your team the tool they need to make more informed decisions.

“With Streamline, you can jump right into a ticket and review everything on the screen, knowing exactly who's involved and where the process stands. It simplifies the process, eliminates chaos, and allows anyone in the company to step into a ticket and immediately know what's going on.”

Daniel Michalek
Legal Operations Manager at Branch Metrics

“Streamline AI enabled us to deliver consistent 24-hour SLAs across multiple teams, including Legal, Finance, People Ops, InfoSec, and IT, as we scaled our vendor needs by 20% each quarter.”

Ronak Ray
General Counsel at Pantheon

Streamline AI Dashboard with a list of tasks and relevant filters
New Task Assigned

Access real-time metrics tailored for in-house legal departments

With clean dashboard visualizations and an intuitive experience, Streamline AI gives you an live snapshot of key team metrics, including request volume (over time, by team or type), SLAs, and time at each step. Track exceptions to thresholds, non-standard terms, and more.

With clear insights, bring visibility to team impact  deliver data for better business forecasts, and make data-driven resource decisions.

Elevate resource planning with better data

See how your legal team is performing and track trends over time, like changes in request volume and SLAs. Load balance with a glance by getting an always-up-to-date, bird's-eye view into all the work your team takes on.

Streamline AI provides volume projections based on request analytics, enabling better resource planning. Use trend metrics to demonstrate the need for headcount to preempt bottlenecks before they happen.

Streamline AI UI showing data breakdownA further data breakdown on Waiting On

Maximize legal team operational efficiency

By capturing the entire legal workflow with Streamline AI, access robust reporting metrics to identify opportunities for improvement.

As matters move between Legal and its business stakeholders, Streamline records the time taken for each step. With a clear understanding of the duration of each step, it's easy to identify potential choke points and areas for process optimization.

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