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Why Standard Ticketing Software Doesn't Work For In-House Legal Teams

November 17, 2023
Streamline AI

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With the increasing volume of legal requests, a specialized tool that understands and caters to the unique requirements of in-house legal work is critical. While generic intake and ticketing tools like Jira and Zendesk have been a go-to for various departments, often starting with IT, they fall short in addressing the specialized needs of in-house legal teams. This is where Streamline AI shines in offering a tailored intake and triage software solution that aligns perfectly with the demands of in-house legal work. Many generic request management and ticketing software have several limitations when applied to in-house legal needs:

Protecting legal privilege & access

For sensitive legal matters, maintaining confidentiality and privilege is essential. Generic ticketing software can have clunky access management, which can hide data from the attorneys who need to see it or reveal too much to requestors. Because IT controls access, adding and adjusting permissions requires IT support and can take additional time. Streamline AI prioritizes the protection of sensitive data and ensures access is restricted in accordance with legal best practices.

Accessing data-driven metrics and insights for legal 

Generic request management platforms provide generic reporting, lacking in-depth insights into legal-specific metrics like SLAs, matter types, and interdepartmental dependencies. As a result, in-house legal teams cannot automatically track metrics that can help identify bottlenecks, improve processes, and showcase legal impact with cross-functional business partners.

Streamline AI’s legal request management solution has out-of-the-box, real-time reporting dashboards that show vital legal metrics such as request volume (over time, by team or type), SLAs, and time at each step. Legal teams can track exceptions to thresholds, non-standard terms, and more and drill down into the details. Streamline AI is designed for Legal to showcase performance, deliver data for better business forecasts, and substantiate the need for resources and headcount.

Setting up and updating intake forms and workflows

Generic ticketing solutions require technical expertise for form build and workflow management. Because generic ticketing solutions like Jira are often owned by IT, any change or update to forms and workflow often requires IT support and time due to permission constraints. 

Streamline AI is an intuitive no-code intake and workflow management tool that is owned by Legal. Legal can create, update, and maintain forms and workflows independently without IT help. It only takes days to set up intelligent intake and workflow automation routing, and minutes to make changes. With a dedicated Customer Success Manager for implementation and ongoing assistance, it’s easy to adapt to business needs as organizations scale

Efficient intake and information gathering

Most generic intake and ticketing software tools are limited in question types, leading to inefficient information gathering and additional back-and-forth emails or Slack messages to get the full picture. As a result, communication is stuck across tickets and various channels, making it difficult to get the full context. This presents a challenge when it comes to matter hand-offs or coverage when a team member is on PTO because some communications will be stuck in non-shared email inboxes. A lack of a complete audit trail means lost knowledge and context, issues that can present a challenge if there's a breach of contract or preparing for IPO.

Streamline AI offers tailored question types for legal use cases, and dynamic, conditional forms make it easy to guide users through complex requests. Integrations with CLM, Slack, and email allow Legal to partner better with the business by meeting them where they are. Streamline AI consolidates requests across different channels into one source of truth, making it easier to manage legal requests, reduce duplication of efforts, and have visibility into team workloads.


For in-house legal teams, choosing the right tool is critical for the efficient and effective delivery of legal services. Streamline AI, with its focused design for legal, offers a significant advantage over generic ticketing tools like Jira. By protecting confidentiality and privilege, real-time metrics designed for Legal, and an intuitive user experience for Legal and its business stakeholders, Streamline AI not only streamlines legal operations but also helps Legal align more closely with broader business needs For legal teams looking to optimize their workflow and impact, Streamline AI is a clear choice.

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