Streamline AI VP of Sales Karen Moor and CEO Karen Zhu interviewed by

December 8, 2022
Streamline AI

Table of Contents recently sat down for a discussion with Streamline AI’s new VP of Sales Karen Moor and CEO and co-founder Karen Zhu. 

The two leaders delved into the intricacies of legaltech’s evolution. Customers in the space are more informed and demanding than ever, seeking a genuine return on investment on investment and effective solutions tailored to their nuanced needs. With the current economic uncertainties, both Karen and Kathy emphasized the importance of adaptability, education, and genuine partnership between vendors and their customers. Zhu envisages a world where Streamline AI's solutions naturally integrate with entire enterprise systems, starting with the legal teams.

Karen shared her journey from being the ninth employee at SimpleLegal, a scrappy startup that transformed into a leader in the e-billing space to her recent move to Streamline AI. A key lesson from her seven years in the industry is clear: always prioritize the customer. She stressed the importance of offering genuine solutions, fostering internal and external partnerships, and ensuring promises are delivered upon. For businesses eyeing the legal tech space, the insights from these industry leaders underscore a pivotal message: authenticity and adaptability are paramount.

Read more in the interview: “New Streamline AI VP: Economic Downturn Will Make Customers Pickier, Focused on ROI” by Cassandre Coyer on

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