Streamline AI highlighted in Bain Capital Ventures and Headline's inaugural Vertical SaaS 50 list

May 24, 2023
Streamline AI

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We’re elated to share that Streamline was highlighted in the inaugural Vertical SaaS 50 list by Bain Capital Ventures (BCV) and Headline, two leading venture capital firms. Both firms have an impressive track record of investing in top-tier vertical SaaS enterprises such as AppFolio, TruckSmarter, Housecall Pro, and Homebase.

BCV and Headline compiled this list of top emerging vertical SaaS companies based on submissions and conversations with many investors and founders. The list showcases some of the most promising early-stage (pre-seed through Series A), primarily US-based companies in the market, compiled based on submissions by and conversations with investors and founders. These companies have a combination of strong markets with durable tailwinds, founders with deep domain expertise, and compelling signs of early traction.

Streamline AI is excited to be listed in the company of these leading startups. Learn more about the companies featured on the list here.

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