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March 22, 2021
Kathy Zhu

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One of the things many of us have found with remote working is the realization that the world around us is constantly changing. Because of this, there is also a need to change the way that we engage with our work. It’s become increasingly difficult for managers and individual team members to have insight into what people are currently working on and how quickly tasks are being completed. With Streamline AI, you can now see performance metrics with beautifully designed dashboards that make it quick and accessible to gain valuable insights into how your team is doing.

Our dashboards display data using charts and metrics that are relevant to legal teams. For example, LegalDesk can provide data on month-over-month increases in the rate of inbound requests as well as provide a prediction on what that request volume will be six months from now, allowing legal team managers to make the case for more headcount.

Using our dashboards, you can:

  • You can view metrics for an entire team
  • View different time periods with drop-downs:
  • Measure volume by matter type, so you get a granular view into where you need better coverage - which means better and more accurate forecasts for your business partners on when they will get a response from your team.

All of our metrics are actionable and predictive, all metrics can be tailored to what individual contributors and managers want - both for legal teams and their business stakeholders.

By using Streamline AI and our actionable metrics and reporting, the days of feeling like you and your team are “working in a silo” are over! By leveraging technology, you can increase your productivity and work more efficiently.

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