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How to be successful in creating playbooks for Legal

July 7, 2022
Kathy Zhu

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Last week, I shared one of my secrets to operational success for in-house legal teams at a Tech GC chapter dinner.

If you find yourself doing anything time consuming more than once, build a playbook or process for it. This of course applies to contracting playbooks, but I've also found it incredibly helpful for onboarding new hires, offsite planning, international launches, the list goes on.

After I shared this, I heard someone say quietly "But they take so long to make..."

This is a roadblock for many. But consider that these resources will save you exponentially more time than how long you take to create them.

The key is to not boil the ocean to get them launched and then carve out a couple of hours every month or two to keep improving them. Something published and used is infinitely better than something perfect sitting in your drafts.

This not only creates process efficiency, it's an invaluable aspect of knowledge transfer for everyone on your team so historical knowledge doesn't disappear when someone leaves the company.

You can supplement these playbooks with a system of record like Streamline AI that captures all the back and forth that you have with the business on all legal requests and deals that flow through your team.

I'd love to know -- what playbooks and process have helped your team work more efficiently and function as knowledge management?




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