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Top legal operations resources and events for 2024

March 7, 2024
Streamline AI

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As the legal industry continues to evolve, legal operations professionals play an increasingly crucial role in optimizing processes, reducing costs, and driving innovation within their legal teams and greater organizations. To help you stay on top of the latest trends, legal technology, and best practices, we've compiled a list of valuable resources and events for legal operations professionals.

Legal operations communities

  • Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC): CLOC is one of the largest communities of legal operations and legaltech providers. CLOC offers a wide range of resources, including best practice guides, benchmarking data,  educational materials, and in-person and virtual events to help legal ops teams drive efficiency and innovation. CLOC is well known for its annual CLOC conference in Las Vegas.
  • LINK Legal Innovators Network: This online community provides a platform for legal ops professionals to connect, share knowledge, and access a wealth of resources, including webinars, articles, and templates.
  • is a community that provides legal operations and other professionals with access to resources such as compensation benchmarking, competency models, best practices, checklists, thought leadership, and product and service overviews and insights.
  • Legal Operators is a community of more than 3,000 legal operations professionals with access to dinners and in-person events, monthly roundtables, webinars, and community-led research.

Legal operations conferences and events

  • ACC LegalOps Con: The ACC Annual Meeting features a dedicated legal operations track, offering sessions on topics such as technology, process improvement, and strategic planning.
  • CLOC Global Institute: This annual flagship CLOC conference brings together legal ops professionals from around the world to share best practices, network, and learn from industry leaders.
  • ALM Legalweek: This multi-day event with 6,000 attendees around the world combines a conference and trade show, focusing on legal technology and innovation, with a strong emphasis on legal operations. Legalweek for 2024 has already happened, so keep an eye out for registrations for the 2025 Legalweek event, which will take place from March 24-27, 2025 at the New York Hilton Midtown.

  • conference: The Running Legal Like a Business conference brings together more than 600 GCs, legal operations professionals, law firms, and legal tech providers for networking and learning. The event has over 60 sessions of curated content.
  • Legal Operations Summit by the Sea: Organized by the Legal Operations Network, this summit features keynotes, panel discussions, and roundtable sessions focused on AI, knowledge management, and legal technology. Legal operations professionals have an opportunity to gather for networking and knowledge building.

Legal operations blogs and resource hubs

  • Streamline AI Blog: The Streamline AI blog is a treasure trove of the latest insights on in-house legal best practices, templates, advice, and deep dives, including How I Got Here career profiles and advice from leading in-house legal professionals. Visit the Streamline AI blog
  • ACC Legal Operations: A resource library offered by the Association of Corporate Counsel, featuring best practices, maturity models, and tools for legal operations professionals. Explore ACC Legal Operations resources.
  • CLOC Resource Hub: CLOC provides a comprehensive collection of resources, including studies, templates, and tools, to help legal professionals optimize their operations. Access CLOC resources.

By tapping into these key resources and events, legal ops teams can stay informed, network with peers, and acquire the skills necessary to drive their organizations forward. Investing in professional development is essential for the growth and scalability of legal operations within any organization.

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