Upcoming webinar: Metrics that matter for in-house counsel

February 2, 2024
Streamline AI

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Join Kathy Zhu, Co-Founder and CEO of Streamline AI, and Ilan Hornstein, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel of 8×8 on Tuesday, February 13 at 9am PT / 12 pm ET for the webinar Metrics That Matter for In-House Counsel: Transforming Legal Insights into Showcasing Business Impact, in partnership with In-House Connect.

They'll discuss how legal teams can harness the power of specific, impactful metrics to showcase their impact in a data-driven business world.

The webinar will cover:

  • The Strategic Importance of Metrics in Legal Departments: Understand why metrics are not just numbers but key tools in improving and articulating the legal team’s value.
  • Identifying and Utilizing Impactful Legal Metrics: Discover what metrics matter most in showcasing the effectiveness and efficiency of legal operations.
  • From Insights to Impact: Gain insights into methods for measuring, tracking, and communicating the legal department’s impact on the business.

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