Matter Management
Software for Legal

Streamline AI acts as a single pane of glass to allow you to create and track matters and any related communications, approvals, and documents.  

Never have to scramble through your inbox and separate repositories again to assemble the full picture.

Legal teams waste precious time and resources when crucial information gets lost, such as whether something that required approval was actually approved, when the approval happened, and why the approval was granted.  That's why it's so important to ensure that all actions and communications related to a matter, starting from initial creation, is tracked in a central location that is easily searchable with an audit trail.


Collaborate easily on a matter using @ mentions to loop in other stakeholders, assign them an action, add them as a follower, and more.


Easily add other contributors to a matter after it's initial creation and notify relevant parties of changes or updates to the matter.


Accurately track the time that a matter spends on Legal's desk with Streamline's Status Toggle, when something moves from Legal back to the Business or to an Approver, that time doesn't count against the Legal team's SLA.


Leverage Streamline's workflow builder to automate manual, repetitive actions taken on a matter.


Link to related matters with the ability to designate parent-child hierarchies or sister-hierarchies so that you can easily identify the relationship at a later time.

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Minimize Change Management

Streamline AI minimizes change management by allowing requests to be submitted via email, Slack, Salesforce, or the Streamline application.